Client: Malibu Global
Agency: W+K London
Creative Director: David Dao
Creatives: Winona Wee & André Mezzomo
Photographer: Laura Macias

Malibu believes that people should Do Whatever Tastes Good – yet the rum-based coconut spirit was being stereotyped as a 1 cocktail drink: the Piña Colada.

While we do love our Piña Coladas… we wanted to show the versatility of Malibu and how it can be enjoyed by a large range of people, with a large range of tastes.

So we tapped onto the 1 way that people loved describing themselves on the internet: Astrology.

We created #AstrologyMixology — 12 zodiac inspired cocktails, crafted for the 12 star signs and their traits. A Leo who loves being the centre of attention? Try the vibrant Bay Breeze. A practical Virgo who wants more bang for their buck? Why not try a Long Island Tea.

In partnership with photographer Laura Macias, each star sign was carefully art directed to include elements which related to their respective elements (water, fire, air, earth), as well as the birthstone of each sign.

Each astrology mixology cocktail was dropped at the start of each
horoscope season for consistent engagement throughout the year, opening fans up to the different ways to Do Whatever Tastes Good.