Client: League of Legends: Wild Rift | Agency: BBH Singapore
CCO: Sascha Kuntze
Group Creative Director: Xander Lee
Copywriter: Winona Wee | Liya Razali
Art Director: Sid Lim | Melissa Ho | Amos Mak | Shervin Low | Dawn Abegail

Clio Entertainment        Silver       Games: Original Content

The most important day during the Lunar New Year is Reunion Day, where you and loved ones reunite over hotpot.

So  we remixed the traditional custom of eating hotpot during Lunar New Year by gamifying it with League of Legends objectives and turned that into a 40-minute Taiwanese game show featuring famous streamers and celebs, and streamed LIVE online to gamers for free. This meant lots of pre-planning to ensure everything would go smoothly during the livestream.

Every monster you slayed, could get you a delicious plate of ingredients for your hotpot. Each objective was also carefully paired with each ingredient. For example, killing the scuttle crab in game would get your team a plate of king crab legs.

Hotpot Showdown was one of four campaigns that we worked on as part of League of Legends Lunar New Year event.
Yup, you read that right. We worked on four campaigns at one go.
Watch the recap here: