A creative project by Winona Wee & André Mezzomo.
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Shortlisted for New York Festivals G100 awards, picked as Best Ads On TV’s Top 6, featured on the front page of Campaign Brief AsiaClube de Criação, Honourable Mention on Awwwards, AiTree, South China Morning Post, YesWeLab, There’s an AI for That and more! 

Also got a shoutout on Cindy Gallop’s IG, Linkedin, and Facebook + a positive review by Stefan Sagmeister.

The term 'nepo baby' has blown up over the internet — To start a discussion, W+K creatives Winona Wee and André Mezzomo have created Nepo BB, an AI-powered search engine that will tell you if someone is a nepo baby or not. Answers are generated by AI, with coding and design by humans.

A large part of the conversation online is led by Gen Z voices who love the y2k aesthetic, thus we created y2k-inspired 3d elements to go with our 3D typography. We also added a realistic golden texture to the type to hint at the wealth status that is associated to nepotism, and an aspirational sky background that alludes to the unrealistic saying that "hard work is all you need to succeed!"

We also added little easter eggs like currency signs in the design, as well as a little golden pacifier as our website’s icon.

Nepotism is a really heavy topic. So to not come off as being overtly preachy, we also made a conscious decision to balance the seriousness of the topic with a playful & irreverent design and tone-of-voice for our AI.