Client: RIT Foundation | Agency: Ogilvy Singapore
CCO: Nicolas Courant, Melvyn Lim
Creative Director: Gui Camargos
ACD: Aritra Dutta | Jonathan Ollivier | Alessandro Agnellini
Copywriter: Winona Wee | Amanda Devarajan
Art Director: Kevin Wijaya

Ranked #16 most awarded campaign of 2021 by WARC Cannes         Glass Lion      
Cannes         Silver Lion       Film
Cannes         Silver Lion       Brand Experience & Activation
Cannes         Bronze Lion     Social & Influencer
Cannes         Shortlist           Film
Cannes         Shortlist          PR
Cannes         Shortlist          Brand Experience & Activation
D&AD            Wood Pencil    Entertainment
D&AD            Shortlist          Impact
D&AD            Shortlist          PR
D&AD            Shortlist          PR
Clios              Bronze            PR
Clios              Bronze            Branded Entertainment/Content
Clios              Bronze            Direct
Clios              Bronze            Social Media
One Screen  Gold                 Best Documentary
One Show     Silver               Social Media
One Show     Bronze             Film
One Show     Merit                Branded Entertainment
One Show     Merit                Interactive & Online
One Show     Merit                PR
One Show     Shortlist          Direct Marketing
One Show     Shortlist          PR
One Show     Merit                Social Media
LIA Awards   Silver               Branded Entertainment
LIA Awards   Silver               Branded Entertainment
LIA Awards   Silver               TV/Cinema
LIA Awards   Bronze             Guerilla Marketing
LIA Awards   Bronze             Ambient & Activation
LIA Awards   Bronze             Online Film
One Show Asia Showcase    Public Service & CSR
Spikes Asia   Gold                 Digital
Spikes Asia   Gold                 Brand Experience & Activation
Spikes Asia   Gold                 Entertainment
Adstars         Gold                Social & Influencer
Adstars         Silver              Branded Viral Videos
Adstars         Silver              PSA (Human Rights)
Adstars         Silver              Diverse Insights
Adstars         Silver              Film (Non-Profit)
Adstars         Bronze             Direct
Adstars         Bronze             Film (Craft)
Adstars         Bronze            PSA (Gender Equality)
In India, rape inside a marriage is not a crime.

To fight the law, RIT Foundation needed to raise awareness. So we got an activist to turn himself in to the police, pretending he raped his wife. Within minutes, he was freed. We captured the whole process — from him interviewing lawyers & victims, to him going into the police station with hidden cameras & being told that raping your wife is not a crime.

The film was launched to fierce reactions from both camps. Thousands of conservatives reported and took down our content 4 times. But censorship didn’t shut the debate. Indian feminist influencers, activists and even #MeToo advocate and actress Saloni Chopra pushed back by sharing our content & encouraging their followers to do the same.