The perfect golf swing is all about power. Using simple physics, we know that the power behind a golf swing equals to the force at which the ball is hit, multiplied by the speed of the golf swing. The world record for the longest golf drive is so powerful, it travelled at 349.38 km/h.

While golf is seen as a symbol of power for some Singaporeans, about 13 thousand others could still not afford basic electric power in the country.

As the sponsor of the Women's World Championship, we wanted to give power back to the people. So we created a golf simulator that transformed the power of swings into electric power for the community.


Agency: Ogilvy Singapore
Chief Creative Officer: Nicolas Courant
Copywriter: Winona Wee

Art Director: Zi Qian Tan

Gong 2019 Creative Circle Awards 2019

Finalist — Brand Experience & Activation Gongs

Marketing The Loyalty & Engagement Awards 2019
Gold — Best Use Of CSR
Gold — Best Use Of Integrated Media