Client: League of Legends: Wild Rift | Agency: BBH Singapore
CCO: Sascha Kuntze
Creative Director: Xander Lee
Copywriter: Winona Wee | Luke Somasundram
Art Director: Amos Mak | Nico Tangara | Dawn Abegail

Southeast Asian gamers have never been at the forefront of any gaming event, and often feel second class in the global gaming community. We saw an opportunity to change this with the launch of Riot’s largest Summer event spanning across all its game titles, the Sentinels of Light. We recreated the global Sentinels of Light theme song, a song familiar with over 150 million League players worldwide, with Southeast Asian instruments as a tribute to the region. We debuted this as an epic interactive concert that players could control in real-time. To add to the interactivity, we also created custom Kalimbas for influencers to play along with during the concert. By creating an exclusive anthem for the region, we put Southeast Asia in the spotlight of all League players, making it the first time the region’s culture has been immortalised in gaming history.


Working closely with Fuse, Metropolitan Festival Orchestra and Cultural Medallion Recipient Eric Watson, we recreated the Sentinels of Light theme with five lead Southeast Asian traditional instruments - the Kompang (Malaysia), Ranat Ek (Thailand), Kulintang (Philippines), Đàn nhị (Vietnam) and Angklung (Indonesia).

These five lead instruments were then backed by a full 20-piece orchestra to create the final track.

We premiered the Symphony with a live performance on Youtube, and thousands of fans from all across Southeast Asia tuned in.

These fans also literally lit up the live chat function by flooding it with ✨✨✨ emojis to fight the black mist in their own way.