Client: VALORANT | Agency: BBH Singapore
CCO: Sascha Kuntze
Creative Director: Xander Lee
Copywriter: Winona Wee | Luke Somasundram
Art Director: Amos Mak | Nico Tangara

In just a year, VALORANT redefined the first-person shooter genre and became one of the most popular competitive games in South East Asia. For our 1st birthday, we wanted to reward our players while keeping that competitive style of play that they’ve come to love. So we turned the high-stakes game mode, Spike Rush, into an interactive live experience called Birthday Rush. We got VALORANT pro players who our community looked up to to livestream themselves competing in the experience while encouraging their community to do the same -- this resulted in over 265,965 fans tuning in and competing at the same time to scan and shoot bots for exclusive swag and merch, while working together to detonate a real birthday cake shaped like a Spike. In just 15 minutes 229,452 birthday bots were shot and our players made history with VALORANT’s first-ever real-time community challenge, Birthday Rush.