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Everything in this section has no meaning to it and no KPIs. Cause sometimes you just need to do shit for fun.
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A series of 6 poems written to accompany 6 pieces of work for Singaporean artist Nicholas Ong’s second solo exhibition:
Radio Silence

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Are they a Nepo Baby?
A search engine fuelled by AI.
Concept by me
Coding by me, with help from Jonathan Plackett
Design by Andre Mezzomo

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I love both ancient history and tech, so I’ve started restoring broken sculptures/paintings from museums with AI.

The British Museum
The Uffizi Gallery

Open to collabs, drop me a line!

My life with 3D
Just tinkering around on my own IG.

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Ah Beng Handphone Shop TechnoI accidentally made a viral spotify playlist that got 7.4k follows and coverage on local news site Mothership. LOL.

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An inclusive sex-education platform for LGBTQ+ youths.
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